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Bespoke furniture for El Gouna

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I once spoke to a homeowner in South Africa who was building his ‘magazine’ house – literally. It became featured in a number of magazines as an inspiration to interior decorators, builders and homeowners alike. This man had hand-crafted patio posts from Bali, tiles from Italy, curtains from India. The list continues. The house even had a butler for goodness sake…


His shutters, however, were locally sourced and these shutters is where a problem came in. In order to paint a better picture of the shutters, they were American or Plantation Shutters popularised in the plantations of America a few hundred years ago. Basically, they are concertina or folding doors with adjustable slats for light control.


Now, he had ordered a larger number of custom made shutters to enclose his entire patio but the producing company mixed up their color palette and delivered a large order of expensive shutters in the wrong color…


What is the point of this story? The owner said something to me that has stuck with me for years. He was unbelievably calm about it, and mentioned that he didn’t mind the colour, but, and I quote “it would be a sin not to have it perfect. Not in this house.” And so everything was sent back, sanded down, recolored and redelivered.


So, after a lengthy story to get to just one quote, the lesson is still solid: If you’re thinking of ordering bespoke furniture and decor, don’t sin against yourself and settle for anything less than your picture of perfection. And so we introduce Indahouse.


Bespoke furniture suppliers, Indahouse

INDAHOUSE was opened in 2017 as a collaboration of ideas between the two owners from England and Egypt.

English born, Shane, has a history in construction and property development along with furniture supply and installation in the UK. And Ashraf who has worked many years in the furniture industry, working in Italy and all over the Red Sea. Together they combine over 30 years in experience.


They have opened a factory experience in Hurghada. Basing their office at the factory where all the furniture is produced, gives clients the opportunity to pop in and see their furniture being made at any time. They can also get a little more involved with the whole process of making bespoke furniture. These clients can come in, choose the wood, the acrylic or paint finish they wish to have, as well as having a vast choice of fabrics to choose from. This brings out the designer in all of them.



Indahouse are working across El Gouna – successfully completing their work in Joubal, Ancient Sands and previously doing the full furniture fit out for the super successful new Italian Sotto Sopra in the Abu Tig Marina last year. One of their latest projects has been the new and highly anticipated Bagel Tree based in The New Marina. The name is on the tin, or the chopping board – courtesy of Indahouse – meaning that they make Bagels. But as any serious business should, they take pride in everything, not just their bagels and have had their furniture custom made by Indahouse as well.


After successful completion of the Bagel tree, Indahouse moved onto another restaurant: Zia Emilia. Zia Emilia is one of El Gouna’s most popular restaurants and after many years of success in DownTown El Gouna, they are opening their latest branch at The Abu Tig Marina. Indahouse has proudly announced their contribution as the bespoke furniture suppliers, so watch this space.


Indahouse’s workforce has grown rapidly since its early days as a small startup. They currently boast a team of 22, with 11 of those being trained carpenters. On site, they have 3 spray painting rooms, a prep room, spray room and a dry room. They pride themselves on being specialists in furniture painting. Moreover, they now have their own fabrics room and produce all sofas, chairs and headboards on site in their 500 m2 factory which is rapidly expanding with a second floor extension already in planning phase.


Arguably the most exciting venture they in their production portfolio, is the inception of bespoke epoxy river tables. If you don’t know what those are, do a Google images search. Even better, watch a Youtube video on how they are made. They’re kind of my favorite type of art right now.


But Indahouse does not stop there – or anywhere for that matter. They continue to bring new ideas to the world of furniture in the Red Sea and we are happy to see many of those ideas in El Gouna.


What does the future hold for Indahouse?


Their aim is to be completely self-sufficient on site and to have full control of each order from kitchens to outdoor furniture. They will, however, design everything with the client, using the latest 3D design software to make sure that everybody is happy before the first machine is started.


They’re also aware that with El Gouna and the Red Sea area is a multilingual melting pot with residents of German, Russian, English and many more languages all inhabiting the same space. Not to mention the local Arabic. And so, they need bilingual staff. These staff members are enrolling their workforce in English lessons (English being the easiest meeting point) in order to keep communication on site efficient and effective. At this point, I refer back to the story about the shutters and how important communication is…


For 2019 they are soon to start a small collection of villas built, finished and furnished completely by Indahouse, only 4km from El Gouna and are looking to set the benchmark (no pun intended) and raise the standard.


Indahouse are also currently working in conjunction with a lot of other big names too, they have just completed the 3500 m2 offices for CORE, the developer of Alcamar, Sahl Hasheesh as well as doing a fit out for Hard Rock Cafe, Hurghada and working  in conjunction with Sky Villas, Sahl Hasheesh furnishing a collection of large villas. They’re also working in Port Ghalib and Marsa Alam on the Oriental Coast projects. Being based in Hurghada though, they have firmly placed themselves as one of the leading furniture suppliers across El Gouna, Hurghada and the Red Sea and we are expecting even more from them in the coming year.


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