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Eating Out In El Gouna

Eating out in El Gouna: If you’re heading to El Gouna any time soon and not sure which restaurants are not to be missed then have a read and find out what our top 7 restaurants in Gouna are.


1. Saigon

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Saigon is one of those restaurant rarities that hits it out of the park every time. We’ve been going to Saigon for around 10 years now, and the food has always been outstanding, hence why it tops our list. They have both indoor and outdoor seating (located at Abu Tig Marina) and an extensive menu. Their duck is raved about by just about everyone.

Try their orange and honey duck, steamed fish with glass noodles and mushroom, peanut curry with coconut milk, and garlic rice.

Reservations: first come, first serve.


Eating Out In El Gouna
The orange duck. Credit: Trip Advisor


2. Zia Amelia

Eating Out In El Gouna












Cuisine: Italian

A little Italian eatery and pizzeria in Downtown Gouna. It’s owned by an Italian family and is home of another very large menu: homemade pastas, pizza, gnocchi, and an array of salads, chicken, beef and seafood dishes.

Try: their gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce and walnuts, their variety of escalope dishes and their homemade pasta.

Reservations: needed.


Eating Out In El Gouna


3. Malu’s Deli

Eating Out In El Gouna
Cuisine: light and healthy food

This deli is the newest restaurant on this list, and opened awhile back in the new marina. It’s the perfect breakfast/brunch option in Gouna — everything is light and super fresh. They also serve smoothies and fresh juice mixes.

Try: their sandwiches, the pancakes and the vegetable curry if you don’t want something breakfast-y.

Reservations: not needed.


Eating Out In El Gouna

4. Chuchichaschtli Swiss House

Eating Out In El Gouna

Cuisine: Swiss

A very cute restaurant in Downtown Gouna. We especially suggest you visit during Christmas — the whole place is glowing with little Christmas lights. They serve fondue, raclette, Swiss sausage and beef dishes, and steak that you grill for yourself on a hot stone.

Try: their steak on the stone, and the cheese and chocolate fondue.

Reservations: needed if you’re going on a popular weekend night, otherwise not needed.


Eating Out In El Gouna

5. Le Garage

Eating Out In El Gouna

Cuisine: burgers

If you’re a burger person (you and 95% of the population), then make sure you stop by Le Garage while in Gouna. Their burger list is long: besides Aussie beef burgers, they offer burgers like The Black Pearl (served in a black bun) or the Japanese Ramen burger (bun made out of ramen noodles). But if you’re more of a classic burger type, then they have more than ten varieties.

Try: The Big One (double cheeseburger, BBQ sauce, crispy bacon and onion rings).

Reservations: not needed.


Eating Out In El Gouna
Forest Mushroom Burger. Credit: Elmenus.com


6. White Elephant

Credit: El Gouna Info

Cuisine: Thai

Another restaurant that’s been around for more than a decade. They have great Thai soups and curries alongside other Thai classics, and their fried rice served in a pineapple is a nice touch. They’re also open earlier than most of the other restaurants on this list (besides Malu’s Deli and Le Garage) if you want lunch on the earlier side.

Try: their steamed shrimp with red curry, pineapple and coconut milk.

Reservation: not needed.


Eating Out In El Gouna
Credit: Trip Advisor


7. Pier 88

Eating Out In El Gouna
Credit: Foursquare

Cuisine: Italian/International

This restaurant also doubles as a hot Gouna nightspot starting 10 pm onwards, when most people have finished their dinners and the music gets turned up and the drinks start flowing faster. Before that happens though, make sure to enjoy their food. While Pier 88 is not as as good as it used to be (hence why it’s not closer to the top of the list), it’s still a heavy contender as one of Gouna’s best restaurants.

Try: their steak and their blue risotto (shrimp, garlic and extract of orchid which lends it its blue hue).

Reservations: needed.

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